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Client Case Studies

A small sample of our recent work

In this section you'll find some of our recently completed work. This is not an exhaustive list and we have many more delighted customers who would be more than happy to vouch for our services. These client case studies are intended to give you an overview of some of the services we offer. If you would like further information regarding our previous work, we'd be more than happy to provide it.

Please note that due to the nature of work we provide, some of our clients are protected by non-disclosure agreements. This does not mean we are with-holding their information because they aren't happy in fact it is quite the opposite, they don't want other companies in their industry knowing the source of their success. Think of us as their secret weapon!

CFT Flooring

cft flooring case studyCompany: CFT Flooring - a small family run flooring company based in Kent that has been running for over 15 years.

Brief: Although the company had an online presence of sorts, the website they had was dated and they weren't able to make changes to the content themselves. This led to the content becoming stagnant and out dated and it was guilty of misleading and even scaring off customers.

Work carried out: We completely redesigned their website and gave it a fresh and professional look and feel. The navigation was improved greatly and helped customers find their way around the website. We setup a local business listing on Google which allows them to be found by potential local customers who were interested in flooring services.

Results: For a small financial outlay CFT were able to give fresh life to the dated website and they now have the ability to edit it whenever they want without having to pay a costly web designer to make the changes for them. The local business listing has been a great success and traffic to the new site has been on the increase ever since.

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Pass With Gino - Driving School

pass with gino - driving school client case studyCompany: Pass With Gino Driving School based in North West London offering standard and advanced driving lessons to local driving students.

Brief: Pass With Gino was looking to expand and their existing flash based site was preventing them from ranking in Google for local but still competitive key terms. Gino the owner of the company asked us to re-design his website and also to get it to rank for several related key terms in order to help drive traffic to his site.

Work carried out: We created a brand new website incorporating the existing logo and colour scheme (Gino is a very proud Italian) and set to work on optimising the website in order for it to appear for the required key terms in Google. We setup several conversion criteria to show the success of the SEO campaign.

Results: The new website was launched and proved to be a hit with customers old and new. Within 3 months of the site being re-launched it was ranking in the top 5 results for the targeted key words and customers were coming through.

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Bromley Boilers/Bromley Bathrooms

bromley boilers - bromley bathrooms - client case studyCompany: Bromley Boilers and Bromley Bathrooms are two separate new websites produced for a local plumbers looking to expand.

Brief: A local plumbers near Bromley had an existing plumbing business but wanted to make clients aware that they offered much more than emergency plumbing work. They wanted to target potential customers in two distinct markets. Bathrooms and Boiler installations.

Work carried out: To effectively market their services to the two new markets, two branded websites were created, one for each new target market. This allowed for greater targeting and made the information on the sites much more relevant to each target audience. We helped promote each new site by way of local marketing and a local search engine optimisation campaign.

Results: Both new websites were created at the same time and due to the optimisation and pre-launch process that we complete for all new sites, they appeared in Google's search index within only five days and were ranking in the top five results for some of their keywords within just 5 weeks.

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Dressed Well - discounted designer clothing

dressed well designer clothing case studyCompany: Dressed Well - Online retailer of discounted designer clothing and accessories. Setup in 2011

Brief: Dressed Well was a brand new online business who had just started out with their first e-commerce shop. They had chosen a hosted platform which presented too much of a challenge for their in-house design team. We were employed to help them customise their design and help their customers find them for some very competitive key-phrases.

Work carried out: Our first port of call was to give their website a more professional and clean appearance. Once we had achieved this we had to dig deep into the code in order to implement some custom tweaks in order for the site to appear on the search engines.

Results: After only the first month Dressed Well started to see some improvement in their rankings and their customer conversion rate went through the roof with over 200% improvement after the new design had been put live. Three months into the project several highly competitive search terms were on the first page of Google and the site traffic increase ten fold.

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Vehicle Recycling Services Ltd - End of life car recycling

vehicle recycling services client case studyCompany: Vehicle Recycling Services Ltd (VRS LTD) - Local car recycling company

Brief: VRS had an established website online but they were experiencing very poor customer conversion rates and received a lot of unrelated enquiries for spare parts and services they did not offer. We were asked to help them implement a new easier to navigate and more attractive design in order to help raise the conversion rate of the website.

Work carried out: As this was an industry which was new to us we had to first carry out some research of VRS's existing customers to find out which parts of the site they liked and what problems were encountered while using the existing site. Once we had enough data to work with our optimisation team set about designing a new site based on the customer feedback we had received. This included making a new conversion form and making the call to action obvious from all pages of the site.

Results: The effects on the conversion rate were immediately obvious. In the first month alone conversions went from less than 1% to over 4% and the bounce rate also halved, meaning that less visitors were being lost before they had navigated through to the conversion page.

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